Tuesday, October 25, 2011

True character

"I pray our true character as men overshadow the hardships themselves. I am thankful to have you in the good and the bad."

I read this quote quite often. I keep it handy in a place that reminds me to read it.

Do you ever do that? Keep things that someone says to you? I don't keep everything...in all honesty I am not a 'keeper'. But I do keep anything that speaks to my heart in a way that it never has before. Like what people said here. Or what jamie said here.

Back to the quote at the top... I tear up almost every time I read it. Not because it makes me sad but because of its truth. Our true character will always always always 'overshadow the hardships themselves' as long as we remain vulnerable. As long as we continue to speak truth. As long as we continue to be open. And as long as we continue to dive deeper.


Anonymous said...

Meant it then...mean it now.

Dannybrou said...

Thank you for always making me smile.

It is my prayer as well and it is so true.