Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This word 'Deeper' that I have been using a lot, here, here, and here.

Using it in coversations with people, in writings on my blog, noticing it in my reading...

It means many things. The word Deep, but this is the one I think fits me best.

To a great depth; with depth; far down; profoundly; deeply.

So what does it mean really... more importantly...what does it mean when these things actually happen. To me it means there is a strong hold; a connection that is solid; it means Truth; Openness; vulnerability; Strength, it means support.

Those are the words that I think of when I am explaining the deeper love I am feeling. That not only is the love all encompassing, but goes to great depths...involves great truths, openness and vulnerability.

Those are the words that I think of when I am explaining the deeper relationships with people. That not only is the relationship meaningful, but it is profound. It is needed. It is quality.


lifeonespoonfulatatime said...

Your quest for deeper shall lead you to swim beyond the shallower waters of your soul. There beyond where it can be cold and dark but also where the most vibrant colors live. You have inspires me to write about swimming in the depths. Thank you Danael for this post and for being you.

Dannybrou said...

Thank you amber. You are can get dark and murky..but when it is all said and done... what a safer place to be.