Saturday, October 15, 2011

The truth will set you free

After reading some of my blog posts I wanted to make sure I made something pretty clear...because after reading some of them I can see how some people could misinterpret.

It is true that I went through ex-gay therapy for years not to be gay. I tried really really hard not to be. But I am no longer struggling with the issue of my sexuality. When I decided to get a the same time I decided to come out to everyone I knew as well.

The reason I am blogging and going to counseling is not because I am conflicted on being a gay man...that isn't the case at all. I am blogging and going to counseling to work on all the damage that was caused in my life by all of the unhealthy ex-gay counseling.

A lot of damage was done over the years that resulted in walls being built, feelings being turned off and me not being able to live like the person I was created to be.

This blog. The counseling I am going through. Being open. Being honest. Not hiding. Letting go of secrets. Letting go of the shame. Refusing to be scared.

That is living my truth.

"I have never known an instance where anybody was able to let go of a secret and shame...and not be better off with their lives." - Oprah

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