Thursday, August 28, 2008

So here is the deal...

I have added by-invitation-only so I would feel more comfortable writing about things...

I have already invited some of you. By some...I mean the people who I 'think' read my blog.

I am going to keep it open throughout the weekend...if you read this blog and would like to continue reading please send your email to so I can add you to the list.

Because come Monday! Invitation only to my personal world of blogging. = )

By invitation only

so... I was talking to my friend Erin today over lunch about my blog.

well...we were actually just talking and I was saying something funny and she said, "you see danael...this is exactly the stuff you need to be blogging."

So...I am going to investigate 'invitation only' for my blogging visitors. If you would like to read no big deal...just shoot me an email and I will add you to the list (if I want you to read it of course).

more to come.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Apparently I am not very good at this. By 'this' I mean blogging. I have several reasons.

1) I forget
2) I am afraid of who is reading
3) well...the first two are reason enough I guess.

I think I have solved reason #1. Goal setting... Jamie and I decided to post no later than EOD today. So here I am....a couple of hours into work...posting. I know I will have to converse with her on another date for the next blog entry. = )

Reason #2...I just need to get over this. I will...eventually. Everything gets better with time. folks...TODAY. I am talking about my weekend. So sit down..relax...and dont get to annoyed by my ramblings.


-I picked samuel up from school.
-We hung out at the house.
-Nothing to exciting.


-Brought samuel to the Museum of Nature and Science
-Ate at McDonald's
-Watched Fly Me to the Moon complete with 3D glasses and all
-Took a nap
-Rec'd a phone call regarding his date that evening and how it was canceled. = (
-Hung out with Ryan that evening...and watched Elizabeth: The Golden Years


-Went to church with Mark and Brian
-Saw Zanna Don't
-Met Terry for a Drink was a pretty busy weekend.

More to come...promise. Sorry for the lack of details.