Friday, November 21, 2008

It really is your lucky day

You guys get a twofer!

My birthday this year was a lot of fun. It fell on a monday and monday birthdays are never that exciting. So the weekend before I went to go visit my friend rusty in OKC. I have been up there a couple of times and I like it okay...the city that is. I always enjoy hanging out with rusty and his roommate.

So to celebrate in dallas we waited until the weekend after and Erin, Nathan, Jess and I all went to cyclones for dinner. Erin bought me this HUGE margarita that will get you drunk off two sips. You think I am kidding or even being dramatic, but I am not. Promise. After dinner we went to Jrs for a few drinks and we got a killer deal on the drinks because of said bartendar in previous post =). Nathan jetted and then Erin, Jess and I proceeded to S4. are totalling going with us when you are in town. It was SO MUCH FUN. But I always have fun with Erin and Jess!

Starting to meet some new friends around town. I have a lot of aquaintances in the gay world, but not many people I would truly call friends. So I had coffee with a guy named keven last night. We talked for two hours straight. So much fun.

You are trying to be kidding me!

I know I suck at this. By 'this'..I mean the blog thing. I am just not good at it like Jamie or Erin or how Jess used to be. But you get my point...right?

so a little update. I have been laid off and I am currently unemployed. It sucks and this has never happened to me before so it really sucks. I am getting sort of paranoid. Maybe nervous is a better word to use. I'm just saying.

please forgive my randomness.. I am sort of having a brain dump here to catch you guys up on my life the past couple of months.

I have been on several dates. One with a bartender, several with the history teacher, one with the retail store owner and one tbd with mr. america (or that is what erin and I dubbed him anyway). It is a lot more fun to have names for them... easier for my friends to keep track. =)

so there you have it... oh..and brooke introduced me to the guy she is sort of kind of talking to at samuel's basketball game thursday night. that was weird.