Wednesday, September 17, 2008

sooo I am updating!

YIKES. people are getting fiesty about me updating. and by people.. I mean erin. = )

My week has been crazy. I am hosting one of my friends from way back because she had to evacuate her home due to Ike. We are having a lot of fun and I am glad she is here. She needs to move up to become my roommie! I don't think it will happen...but who knows. One can hope.

I started my part time job yesterday. And don't ask me why I have a part time job. It was the grand opening so hopefully every night I work won't be as crazy. I don't think I can handle much more of that after working full time all day. The funny that I work with a lot of young people making 8 bucks an hour. They probably don't know a) how old I actually am and b) that I actually have a real job. Just saying...

So this weekend is packed full of events!

Friday - watching samuel.
Saturday - Entertaining samuel...if michael and brandy are still in their hotel I will probably try to take him swimming. We will see.
Saturday Night - Going out with Erin and we will become rockstars! Dinner (somewhere not so expensive because I had to give my right leg in order to go to the dentist on monday)...a house party...and then dancing. A cd release party was mentioned, but I am not sure we will have time to fit it into our agenda. This is a busy night folks! I am not playing here...
Sunday- Brunch at another house party and then the parade. Sunday night I will go home to recoop and finish watching the Tudors.